About The Funweeks Staff

At Funweeks & Clubs all of our staff go through a stringent background check with all coaches holding a minimum level one in coaching sport, safeguarding children certificate, emergency first aid certificate and an enhanced DBS check.

What makes our coaches so great?

Energy & Enthusiasm - At Funweeks& Clubs our coaches commit to operating with huge energy levels and in an enthusiastic manner in order to inspire and engage the kids in what they are doing. This enthusiasm comes in abundance right from a cheery greeting at the start of the day to the ‘see you next time’ at the end.

Qualifications & Experience - We ensure that our coaches operate at a very high standard at all times. All of our coaches have sporting qualifications and a large number also have experience of playing sport at a high level. Most importantly, our coaches have years of experience of ensuring that kids are actively engaged in and enjoying sport.

Imagination & Creativity - We encourage our coaches to think outside the box at times and bring new ideas to our Funweeks. This helps our activities to remain enjoyable and keeps the kids excited about coming back each time.

Safe & Responsible - At Funweeks & Clubs we take safeguarding extremely seriously and our coaches are very thorough in making sure that the kids are playing and enjoying themselves in a safe environment.